Your team of Paediatric movement specialists in North Queensland.

we are a passionate small business providing

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paediatric physiotherapy

we are motivated physiotherapists with a passion for paediatrics.

We have extensive experience in community settings, delivery great quality services and a range of therapy techniques to support our clients to move their best.

Early Intervention Physiotherapy


DMI Therapy

Standardised developmental assessments

Gross motor development

Plagiocephaly & Torticollis treatment

Inclusion strategies & support

Assessment & prescription of specialised equipment

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Experience in a number of therapeutic interventions to provide great outcomes.

We strive to deliver individualised therapy with a multidisciplinary approach. As a mobile and clinic service, we can provide therapy at home, in the water, in education settings or community environments to best suit your goals.

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Offering the highest quality of evidence based therapy for your child.